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Our Mission: 

Restore & Rebuild Families At Risk of Poverty, Neglect and Abuse.

Our Goal:

The “Whole” Family is Restored; Father, Mother and Children.  Family preservation and relationships are healthy.

Rebuild a Stronger Family, a Financially Independent provider that meets Families basic needs-

Education, Housing, Food Securities, Mental Health, Spiritual Health. All are contributing members in their community.

Vision Statement:

  1. Education - After-School Tutoring: Student reaches proficiency, on time High School Graduation and be College math and reading-level.

  2. Food Securities : Access to fresh healthy foods through an onsite processing facility and drop off  point where local farmers and gatherers will provide for local consumption, retail sales that will create local job opportunities.

  3. Housing: End family homelessness by gaining permanent affordable housing. Remain housed by staying connected with accessible services and community resources.

  4. Mental Health/ Spiritual Health & Well- being: Includes Ohana Wrap Around & resources for every individual in the ohana

COVID 19 and the Changes to our daily Hawaii Island Culture

Help coping with COVID-19

Right now, it’s especially important to care for the whole you — mind, body, and spirit. We offer support and resources to help you and your Ohana physical and mental health.

We are learning that the coronavirus is spreading from person to person through tiny droplets  between people who are in close contact with one another when the infected person coughs or sneezes and releases droplets and within about 6 feet distancing.

It’s possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly eyes and is why it is important to wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 30 seconds. 

  • Practice physical distancing by staying at least 6 feet apart. 

  • Wear a mask or cloth face covering over your mouth and nose.

  • Wear eye protection.

  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

  • Don’t share phones or personal items.

  • Stay at home if you’re sick.

If you’re having a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. Tell them if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

All After School Programs are currently on zoom. Check out other After School activities that may be available.

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Check out the latest on our food outreach efforts. See ur adjusted schedule during COVID-19. 

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Get more info. on this amazing resource. Don't wait! Prevention is self care too.

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Laptop Writing

Ready to fulfill your purpose but don't know where to start? Let's connect! We encourage families to get ahead!

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Rebuilding & Restoring families takes a process. It's a kakou thing! Check out some of the resources we offer to help aid in strengthening every individual in the ohana. We have a great team willing & ready to kokua.

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Image by Jude Beck


The MASF team of volunteers diligently work hard and efficient with big smiles as shown in the photos as they contribute to the community by volunteering time, talent and positive attitudes.


Community Partnership Fundraising

On September 7th, 2020, the Young Musician Organization hosted a Music Charity Concert featuring many talented young musicians. The event took place virtually on zoom and was a success. Thank you to the Young Musician Organization and Mrs. Sue. We are honored!

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